Why Get an Annulment

annulments definitionAn annulment will result an official union never existed, and unlike divorce, it doesn’t acknowledge a beginning and end of a marriage.

We will show you some of the advantages of annulling your marriage if you qualify.

Division Of Property

Getting your marriage declared requires financial benefits. You don’t have to worry about property division when you qualify for an annulment, because typically the judges will assign the property to the owner before the marriage.

Will Not Get A Illegal Marriage

annulment for marriageAn annulment will declare you were never legally married to someone. Unlike a divorce that was saying you have been legally married, but it is dissolved.

Can Remarry

Annulment allows both of the annulled parties to remarry unlike a divorce.

Can Invalidate A Prenup

Prenuptial agreement has terms and annulment can release you on that. Unlike divorce terms of prenuptial agreement will still be recognized.

Marital Debt Sharing

Each person has their own their debt before they get married when it comes to an annulment the debts that you and your spouse obtain during marriage are split evenly.