Things to Consider When Getting an Annulment

Cost of Annulment

annulment vs divorceUnlike divorce annulment, the value of it is often less. The price will increase unless your spouse opposes the cancellation because of additional court hearings. Cost of a reversal is changing as well as filing fees.

Statute of Limitations

Marriage annulment time frame doesn’t exist in some states the good thing is you can file an annulment in this states anytime that you want. But sooner you fill an annulment will always be better. However other countries have time limits one year or six months after the marriage that you discover some grounds that can be used to file an annulment.

Grounds For You To File An Annulment


You will have to prove one of the grounds for annulment for an annulment can proceed. But if none of these exist the marriage cant be annulled.

Here are some of the grounds.

    • Fraud
    • Marriage to get a green card
    • You’re able to have children when you cant
    • You want children when you don’t
    • You’re not married to someone else when you are