How to Get a Marriage Annulled

annulmentsAnnulment not only ends your marriage it can declare it as invalid or void as if the wedding never happened. It’s difficult to qualify for one that’s why annulment is so drastic. In this article, you will learn whether you can annul your marriage.

Can I Annul My Marriage?

annulmentThere can be a religious or personal reason for seeking an annulment if you do not have “grounds for annulment” you can’t obtain it. You must have legally recognized rights like state law governs annulments, the rules vary from state to state and divorces. You also need to verify the rules of your state for you to able to see if you qualify.

An annulment may be granted if:

  • Your husband or wife is married before both of you got married.
  • If you married a relative.
  • Your spouse was not on his or her mind when you got married
  • Marriage consent was gained through fraud.
  • When you impotent spouse.
  • When you or your spouse was underage.