How to File for Annulment

annulmentsThere is a possibility that you wake up the day after you get married and thinking that you have made a terrible mistake. In this case and you want to be legally separated you may wish to file an annulment. Annulment is a legal way to void a union, and It can look that your marriage never existed.

Ground For Annulment

Just like divorce. You need a grounds for annulment. However, Grounds can vary on the different state, but they all have the same result when granting that either the marriage is illegal or you enter it under certain circumstances.

Residency Requirements

annulment groundsThere are residency requirements for an annulment in your state just like a divorce.

Marriage is Void

State law also covers marriages like relative getting married, marriage without consent, Children having a wedding under the age of consent, If your spouse is already married. These are the things that can void marriage and doesn’t require an annulment to nullify them.