Getting a Marriage Annulled

annulmentsIf you want to get an annulment, the first thing you have to is to prove your marriage is “voidable,” meaning the union is valid but should be nullified, voided or canceled

Some of the Grounds to File an Annulment

But some grounds that need to be presented. Here are some of the grounds that you can use to file an annulment.

If your husband or wife lacked the ability to permit due to a mental impairment or the influence of alcohol and even drugs.

If the spouse was forced or threat of force to accept the marriage

annulment groundsWhen you or your spouse makes false statements, and you agree to marry based on a belief that the comments were valid.

If the spouse has physical impairment like sexual impotence which limits the couple from fulfilling the marriage, but you can’t use this as a ground for annulment if you knew that your spouse is impotence before the wedding.

If one spouse is already married to someone else before the parties got married.