Annulment Vs. Divorce

annulment for marriageThe two way for legally ending a marriage is divorce and annulment. In this article, we will talk about the several similarities and differences on annulment and divorce.

Divorce ends a legal marriage, and the result will be both parties are single again while annulment is a legal ruling that can declare a wedding is null and void as if the union never happened or existed, but the marriage record will be on a file.

A Much Common Way to End a Marriage

annulmentA much common way to end a marriage is divorce it is usually chosen by the parties when they think the marriage was legal. While the parties sought the annulment if they believe there is a legally valid reason that there is a illegal reasons like fraud that their marriage is invalid.

between Divorce or Annulment, the marriage is never considered to have legally happened after an annulment while divorce will still acknowledge the wedding, but both parties will be single again