How Do You Go Through An Annulment?

How Do You Go Through An Annulment?

annulment vs divorceWhen your marriage is not working, and you have only been married for a short period of time, there is an option called an annulment. This is different from a divorce which can be quite complex. Annulments completely eliminate the existence of a marriage. This is a strategy that many people use to quickly get out of these relationships which are not working at all. If you would like to get an annulment for yours, there are specific types of paperwork that need to be filled out, plus there are many Las Vegas Annulment Expert that can help you do this at a little cost.

Papers That Must Be Filed To Get An Annulment

There are court forms that must accompany your request for an annulment. There is the summons, petition, and a declaration that is related to children if you have any. There is another declaration, perhaps one of the most important forms that you will fill out, which involves the reasoning for the annulment. For example, if you subsequently discover that your marriage partner is still married to another person, this is grounds for an immediate divorce by law. Any information that you can provide to the judge will help them make a decision on whether or not to grant the divorce.

Family Law Attorneys Can Help

annulments definitionA choice that might be better suited for your situation is to work directly with a family law attorney. Not only are they capable of filing paperwork to help you go through a divorce, but they can also do annulments as well. The cost will be substantially less, and the likelihood of ending your marriage is also going to be very high. It’s much higher when you have a professional complete the paperwork for you. This will give you the best possible chance of having the judge agree with your request.

How Long Does It Take To Go Through An Annulment?

The process of going through an annulment often depends upon the schedule that the judge has. You have to request a court date. That is why working with an attorney makes this much simpler. They can even appear for you, on your behalf, if you happen to be ill. However, most people like to perform with their attorney, plead their case, and subsequently will be granted their request if everything is done properly.

Going through an annulment can be a straightforward process. Getting legal help is often recommended. Professionals will complete the paperwork for you, using your information, and will make copies of the annulment papers. Once everything is submitted, and the judge has approved your annulment, your marriage will be erased. This is one of the fastest ways, if not the most efficient, to part ways with your current spouse as a result of not wanting to be with them any longer. This could be because of bigamy, or if you have had some legal issues with them along the way. For fast results, talk to a local attorney about going through an annulment.

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